L’ARC-EN-CIEL live in Jakarta

Larc-en-Ciel live in Jakarta in rockin’, glorious lighting and high infectious energy from their live performances, that was three points of what L’arc-En-Ciel (Laruku) brought in their sold out show at Lapangan D, Senayan, Jakarta, in support of their 20th Anniversary World Tour 2012.

Below is the music photography collection from last night’s concert. Dare to say that, Laruku‘s 20th Anniversary World Tour in Jakarta, such a one of superb concerts that we’ve been covered this year. (Photos: Lionindra Harviana)

Check out L’arc-En-Ciel.

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  1. Yuxco Leonhart

    Thx u L’Arc~En~Ciel for the maximum performance and unforgettable moment..
    You make our dream come true..

  2. Andra

    Gila, mereka abis2an banget. Ga pernah rasanya lihat live mereka yang ekspresinya sampe Rock-on abis gitu! Mantap! Penontonnya juga rapi, tertib dan ga Alay. Nice Photos!

  3. nanda

    Superb *________*
    Pengen banget bisa ikutan Le Cielers yg ada di sana, nonton secara langsung performance Hyde dekaka (suaranya Hyde, awh…..*melting). Thank you foto2nya. Sumpah!!! Angle-nya sempurna, hasilnya pun seperti hidup. Very awesome. Nyaaaa~~~~~

  4. akaiophelia

    sukaa banget sama foto2nya…
    foto terbaik yg pernah gw liat selama World Tour nya L’arc \^o^/
    man man man taaaap…….

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